Absolute Perfection Wedding Planners, London

Absolute Perfection Wedding Planners London specialise in creating beautiful, stylish and exceptional weddings worldwide. We provide a variety of bespoke services for the modern bride and groom, together with a stress-free engagement and a wedding that is… Absolute Perfection!

We also run one of the UK’s leading Wedding Planning Courses. Full details in the Training Academy section.


About Us

Voted one of the top wedding planners in the UK in a recent independent review by Wedding Dates, AP are a small team of discreet wedding designers based in the fantastic City of London!

Established in 2003, at a time when there were only a handful of planners in existence in the UK, we are one of the most experienced wedding planning services in the country and are honoured to have been involved in dozens of delightful weddings!

At our core is the philosophy of providing an unparalleled level of personal service to our clientele. Many of our clients have demanding jobs – they work long hours and expect nothing but the very best. They want the wedding of their dreams but lack the time, knowledge and experience required to turn such dreams into reality.

Over the years we have established close links with a prodigious number of exceptional venues and extremely talented wedding services who share a philosophy similar to ours and who will strive to go that extra mile for our clients. An Absolute Perfection wedding is always an exceptional event and every one of our weddings is a beautiful creation that we are deeply proud to be associated with.

For absolute peace of mind and the perfect wedding call Sam, Marina or Ed @ Absolute Perfection Wedding Planners London.

News: Version 8 Wedding Planning Courses Out Now!

We are delighted to announce the launch of our latest training course. V8 is probably the most in-depth, informative, up-to-date wedding planning training program available today. Naturally we are proud to have trained dozens of successful planners & coordinators. Check out our Academy for details of our Wedding Planner Courses.


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