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Congratulations On Your Engagement – Let The Fun Begin!

Absolute Perfection are a small team of discreet London wedding planners with a passion for designing and creating beautiful weddings worldwide. We pride ourselves on offering an entirely bespoke service, a stress-free engagement and a wedding day that can only be described as…  Absolute Perfection!!

And for those of you that are interested, our Academy happens to operate one of the UK’s most up-to-date and advanced wedding planning courses.

Why Absolute Perfection?

Over the past 12 years we have delivered our professional and personable services to hundreds of beautiful couples from around the globe. Now we appreciate that 12 years doesn’t sound like a long time to most people in other industries, but in terms of the UK wedding planning industry it’s ancient! In fact we are proud to be the longest established wedding planning company in London and one of only a handful that have been in business in the UK since 2003!

There are two reasons why we have been around for so long. The first is due to the fact that we only take on a limited number of clients at any one time, which enable us to provide a highly attentive service to each of our couples. The second is because we take pride in designing and creating each wedding as though it were our very own.

The difference between a good wedding and a great wedding is an obsessive attention to the finer details. As such, an Absolute Perfection wedding is always a beautifully crafted experience that exceeds our client’s expectations. (Borderline OCD… its a great attribute for a wedding planner!)

Although many of our clients reside in the UK, we also specialise in destination weddings for couples based overseas who want to get married here in the UK. In particular, we love planning weddings for our American, Chinese and Russian friends!

So, now you have found us it’s time to relax and make the most of your engagement – it’s going to fly by… You know how to get in touch!

Academy News – New Wedding Planning Courses Out Now!

31 March 2015: We are delighted to formally announce the launch of our latest set of training courses. Not only is Version 9 the most up-to-date set of wedding planning courses available in Europe but it’s also one of the most advanced and in-depth course on the market. Visit our Wedding Planning Academy section for full details.