Why Use A Wedding Planner?

Why Use A Wedding Planner?

Contrary to what many might think, wedding planners are not simply for the rich and famous. In fact there are a many different reasons why you should consider using an experienced and professional wedding planner to help you plan your Big Day. Today we examine the 7 most important reasons why it's foolish not to hire a planner.

To Minimise Stress

Organising your own wedding is a tough and often stressful job to do. It will be a roller coaster ride of emotions, from the second you say 'Yes' to the moment you take your first steps down that aisle. There will be highs and lows and plenty of unexpected twists and turns. You are likely to encounter feelings of immense exhilaration alongside some periods of intense stress or worry. Hiring a wedding planner to help organise your wedding and guide you along the way, dealing with any problems that might arise is the best way to ensure your engagement remains stress free and you make the most of this unique and special time in your lives.

Saves You Money

Wedding planners can often attain substantial discounts for their clients from certain venues, services and suppliers. This can amount to several thousand pounds and off-set the planners fee. Typically the largest savings are on the venue or catering costs, 8-12% discounts are often possible. Significant discounts can also be secured on accommodation, travel and honeymoon costs. All other services such as photographers and florists may also offer discounts or throw in complimentary extras too, often in the hope they get future business through the wedding planner! Ker-ching!

Saves You Time

You will often hear that it takes a bride approximately 250 hours to plan an average scale wedding. Sounds like an awfully long time doesn't it? But get this, there are plenty of weddings take considerably longer to put together! For arguments sake let's assume it will take you 250 hours and you have 12 months planning time. That works out at 21 hours per month or 5 hours per week that you will need to spend preparing for your wedding. It doesn't sound too bad until you stop and think about it. Now factor in an 8-6pm work schedule plus the countless evening and weekend social engagements, not to mention the days you want to come home and just put your feet up!

Time is precious, and never more so than during your engagement. It's time that can and should be better spent.

It's a Job for Professionals

"Anyone can plan a wedding..." In much the same as anyone can cut hair; or build a wall; or cut down a large tree; or lay a driveway; or sell a house.

Without knowledge or experience, would you do any of these other tasks yourself? Obviously not. So why would you want to take on such an important task of planning your own wedding? Just because your sister/friend/mother/aunty did?

Moreover, aside from the daily administrative and organisational chores very few weddings are planned without encountering any problems whatsoever. And should something go wrong, do you really want to deal with it?

The following is an example of such an instance. A bride came to us desperate for some last minute help. Six months previously she had spent three full weekends sourcing, short-listing and meeting with photographers before finally finding the right one, or so she thought. Unfortunately, one month before her wedding the photographer emailed her to say he no longer wanted to do the wedding. In fact he thought it was going to be too demanding for him! He’d truly dropped her in it and left her with little time to find a decent replacement since all the others she had shortlisted were now booked.

Or how about the one about a disagreement over costs between a couple and the venue that escalated to the point where the groom threatened to sue and the venue threatened to cancel their booking with only three months to go!

Thankfully we managed to resolve both instances, although the latter took hours of mediation. Yet without a planner the two sides would have been in court and the wedding might not have taken place.

An engagement is a happy and joyful time that should not be spoilt by the stresses, trials and tribulations of planning your own wedding. If you want it done properly it’s a job for professionals.

It’s All About The Finer Details

The professional knowledge and creativity that an experienced and professional wedding planner brings to the table is often unsurpassed. And it’s their understanding of the importance of the finer details that make the difference between a good wedding and a truly great wedding.

Enhanced Venue, Service & Performance

When a planner is involved in a wedding, you will find that venues and suppliers often excel and perform to the best of their abilities, often going above and beyond what is typically expected of them. That's because with a wedding planner on board the venue and suppliers have a chance to impress in the hope of future referrals and repeat business through the planner. It is a great motivator!