Our Advanced Certification in Wedding Planning, Design & Management (Version 9) is one of the most up-to-date, comprehensive and advanced wedding planning training programs available! It covers every conceivable aspect of designing, planning and managing a client’s (or your own!) wedding from scratch. We also teach you how to set up and run your own wedding planning business.

Plus, we frequently update the course and provide students and graduates with the latest updates for FREE!

Aims & Objectives

The aims and objectives of the courses are to introduce you to the complex role of the wedding planner and provide you with the required knowledge, understanding, skills, tools and insight to help you to develop and ultimately succeed as a professional wedding consultant.

Enrolment Fees

We offer a Certification or an Advanced Certification in Wedding Planning, Design & Management. There are 3 classes to choose from:

Level 4 / First Class Advanced Certification: £749.99 by bank transfer |  £775.49 by card

Level 3 / Second Class Advanced Certification: £549.99 by bank transfer |  £568.69 by card

Level 2 / Third Class Certification: £449.99 by bank transfer |  £464.99 by card

Contact us for bank details. Cards incur 3.4% paypal handling fees.
Instalment plans also available. Admin fees apply.

How to Enrol

Card Payments: Just click ENROL and follow the steps.

Bank Transfers: Contact us for bank details.

Instalment Plans: See Instalment FAQ below.

Some Graduates

We have included a small selection of past students below. By all means check out their websites but if you wish to speak with them, let us know first so we can formally introduce you. Ultimately we don’t want them bombarded with calls and emails!

Certification, Recognition & Accreditation

Our First Class course is benchmarked at Level 4 on the UK Government’s National Qualifications Framework / Qualifications and Credit Framework.

Our Second Class course is benchmarked at Level 3 on the UK Government’s National Qualifications Framework / Qualifications and Credit Framework.

Our courses are recognised throughout the wedding industry and by relevant employers here in the UK and overseas. They are also approved by The UK Alliance of Wedding Planners (UKAWP) and promoted by the National Association of Professional Wedding Services (The Wedding Association). The UKAWP is the UK’s leading body that focuses on raising standards and promoting professionalism within the wedding planning industry.

Our training academy is registered with the UK Government Department of Education’s Register of Learning Providers (UKRLP) – our UKPRN is 10019838. And our courses are referred to by the UK Government’s Careers Advice Service.


Accreditation Is NOT An Indication Of Quality Or Depth Of Training!

Having done your research you will have noticed that some prominent wedding planning course providers focus their marketing on the term ‘Accreditation’. One even goes so far as to imply that they are the ONLY course providers with the appropriate accreditation and all others are invalid! Such bold claims suggest to the outside world that their training meets industry recognised standards set by an approved and regulated wedding planning body. Unfortunately this is not the case.

Although the courses may be accredited by an external awarding body, accreditation simply means that the course provider is competent to deliver a training course in a reliable, credible and accurate manner.

Now this is fine if you have doubts about the course provider’s ability to run a training course. However, most awarding bodies accredit a wide range of subjects, from hair-dressing to landscape gardening. They don’t produce the courses and they don’t have any specialist knowledge of the subject matter. So ask yourself, how can they independently and accurately assess the content, depth and level of the course? The answer is, they can’t and they don’t. They leave this up to the course provider!

For mainstream courses such as GCSE’s and A Levels there are a small number of awarding bodies whose courses are tightly regulated by the Government to ensure high standards across the board. However for alternative subjects such as wedding planning diplomas and certification courses the regulations are far more relaxed. So much so that there are dozens of awarding bodies (200 or more), all competing with each other to SELL their accreditation services to training course providers.

That’s right, it’s big business! If you run a course and think that associating yourself with an awarding body will help increase sales, you can pay them to review your training program. And if they are satisfied that you are competent and credible, they will accredit you. And may well charge you hefty fees the service. It really is that simple.

And who do you think pays for the accreditation? Yep.. YOU!

So if your main focus on completing a wedding planning course is for the accreditation, diploma, certificate or piece of paper at the end, the AP Academy is not right for you. However, if you want to learn all you need to know about setting up and running a wedding planning business from experienced wedding specialists, by all means consider one of our courses!

Want proof? Have you not seen the accredited wedding planning courses sold on Groupon for only £30.00! The accreditation is provided by an international training academy with dozens of 4 star reviews. There are other academies selling courses for less than £300.00, again with lots of 4/5 star reviews. What they have in common is that they have a great marketing team, their PR and advertising is first class and they sell in bulk.

However what they fail to tell you is that most of the reviews are for other subjects, not wedding planning.

Moreover, those enrolling on such a course are driven purely by cost rather than quality. They want a quick fix… to become a wedding planner in a week/month whatever! And to get a certificate at the end. The quality of the course is of no importance. 

Instalment Plan Now Available

You can now pay for the First or Second Class course in 4, 6 or 10 monthly instalments. There is an administration charge applicable to instalment plan enrolments.

First Class Instalment Plans (payment by bank transfer or standing order)

4 Month Plan = deposit of £257.50 then 3 monthly instalments of £187.50. Total cost: £819.99 (includes admin fee of £70.00)

6 Month Plan = deposit of £230.00 then 5 monthly instalments of £125.00. Total cost: £854.99 (includes admin fee of £105.00)

10 Month Plan = deposit of £245.00 then 9 monthly instalments of £75.00. Total cost: £919.99 (includes admin fee of £170.00)

Cards +3.4%. Contact us for further details.


In a student survey, 100% would recommend our courses to others and 91% said tutorial feedback was excellent. And many of our students tell us they choose our course after evaluating all the other wedding planning courses out there. We suggest you do the same!

* Click here to read some reviews on the Hot Courses website * 

Typical Student Comment: “ …I googled wedding planning courses, researched via forums, social media and wedding planner websites. I also reviewed countless courses before considering your course to be the best by far!” (contact details on request)

Course Topics

Every conceivable aspect of wedding planning and design is covered in depth – take a peak at TOPICS for full details.

TIP: Compare our course to any other you find. Be aware that many other courses will say that a topic is covered, but then only scratch the surface. To date (Jan 2017) no other course providers advertise the actual size of their courses. Our V9 course is 450 A4 pages with an average 425 words per page. Check out the range of topics here: TOPICS. No other wedding planning course in the UK comes close…

Course Format

It is a little-known fact that you will learn more in home study course than any classroom based course you find. They do after all take longer to complete. But they also cost less due to lower overheads! Read on…

Designed to offer you maximum flexibility, our courses are therefore tutor-led, distance learning programs. This means you can STUDY FROM THE COMFORT OF YOUR OWN HOME UNDER THE GUIDANCE OF YOUR OWN PERSONAL TUTOR! You can also fit your studies around your individual lifestyle.

Spread over 31 extensive Units, each topic is both examined in depth and clearly explained in lay-mans terms. At the end of each unit there are one or two questions and an assignment to complete. Should you find that you require assistance from your tutor at any stage, he or she is always available to promptly answer your questions and deal with your enquiries.

The course is supplied electronically and all the materials are yours to keep! This format provides us with the unique ability to update, develop, revise and refine the courses on a regular basis. It also enables us to provide students with free updates and upgrades whilst they are studying with us – there have been 6 major upgrades since April 2008 and 5 minor ones!

For your convenience and our swift processing your work is expected to be completed submitted for review via email.

Upon completion of your training you will have graduated from the Absolute Perfection Wedding Academy having attained a Certification or an Advanced Certification in Wedding Planning, Design & Management.

You will be graded PASS, MERIT or DISTINCTION in your appropriate class, ie First Class, Second Class or Third Class. Or if you prefer, Advanced Level 4, Advanced Level 3 or a Certificate Level 2. You will receive 2 certificates: one for your office and one for your website.


Unlike some other course providers, we don’t bundle cheap wedding planning software with our course materials, despite being offered financial incentives to do so! Instead, as you can see we have negotiated some exceptional deals for our students on a range of leading wedding planning software titles! Including:

  • 50% Off Ido Wedding & Event Professional – The World’s Best Wedding Planning Software Program.
  • Also 65% off Sample Board – one of the best online, wedding planning digital mood board creators.
  • And a free trial and student discount on the highly regarded Events Clique’s 3D Event Designer software.

Top of the list is the fantastic Ido Wedding & Event Professional. It’s by far the best wedding planning software program on the market and the only one worth using on a daily basis. We know because we have trialled them all!

Sample Board is also worth investing in, as is 3D.

But don’t worry if you decide not to purchase these programs. We will provide you with a range of useful templates and show you how to use your own software (such as MS Office) to set up and manage your own wedding planning databases, spread sheets, timetables, schedules, seating plans, floor plans etc and manage your clients requirements. We will also include a financial planning spreadsheet to help you manage a client’s budget.

Work Placements

Student work placements arise throughout the year via a variety of placements such as shadowing opportunities or on-site assistant coordinator roles.

Additionally, positions also arise via our Student & Graduate Coordinator scheme (previously known as our Bride on a Budget service), whereby we match a student or graduate with a suitable bride requiring assistance with her wedding – from Full Coordination to On The Day coordination, venue and supplier searches, design and styling, advice on trends etc.

NOTE: We do our utmost to find placements for our students but please understand that we will not guarantee work placements to complete strangers who may or may not be suitable candidates. Offers ultimately depend on how well students perform on the course.

Which class? How long?

Our Wedding Planning, Design & Management training program is available in 3 different classes:

  • Advanced Certification, First Class, Level 4 (the best by far!)
  • Advanced Certification, Second Class, Level 3
  • Certification, Third Class, Level 2

The content and structure of all 3 classes are the same. The difference is that there is more useful, practical coursework to complete in the Advanced courses and therefore more tutorial input. They also offer an extended range of student benefits and services – see table on our main Academy page.

The First Class course is designed to be completed within 6-9 months, but you have up to 18 months to complete the training. And if you find you subsequently need an extension, the option is there.

Most students hold down permanent jobs and study in their free time. Complete 1 unit a week and you should graduate in approximately 6 months.

The Second Class course has less coursework and should take approximately 3-4 months to complete, but you have up to 12 months if you wish.

Whereas the Third Class course is assessed by a short Q&A test and can be completed in a few weeks. It is aimed at students in a rush to complete the training, brides looking for professional guidance and advice when planning their own wedding or experienced planners wishing to enhance their skills but with no intention of completing the coursework.

The level and grade of certificates naturally vary depending on your chosen course.


No previous experience required other than a keen interest in the wedding planning industry. The type of people who sign up for the course include…

  • People who are methodical, creative and possess an eye for detail
  • People who are ready to run their own business
  • People who have planned their own weddings and now wish to build a career within the wedding industry
  • Professionals such as venue managers wishing to offer an in-house wedding planning service
  • In-house event planning staff looking to develop their own knowledge, skills and services
  • Wedding services such as florists who wish to offer additional aspects to their service
  • Brides-to-be who want some low cost professional guidance on how to organise their own wedding

Why No Classroom Courses?

We appreciate that home study courses are not everyone’s cup of tea and some students would rather study in a classroom environment. Unfortunately we are unable to offer classroom based instruction due to the depth of our training program. It would require students to commit to a 12 month training schedule incorporating 30 days in class, plus homework assignments and projects.

Such a timeframe is unfeasible for most students. Moreover, due to the costly overheads of venue hire and additional tutorial fees the cost of the course would increase to around £2,500.00. There simply isn’t a big enough market for such a course!

Why do we Offer Wedding Planning Courses and Train our Competitors?

Aside from the fact it’s a natural progression for established businesses in any industry to offer training courses – it’s also down to the basic principles of supply and demand.

In the years before we designed our first wedding planning course back in 2007, we were inundated with enquiries from people wanting to know the best and/or easiest route into wedding planning. Most had no experience so we simply advised them to undertake a course that was run by a competitor at the time.

If the truth be known, we thought they were mad teaching potential competitors how to plan weddings. However, we soon realised that there were lots of people determined to break into the industry. And that there was a market for wedding planning courses! Pure and simple business sense.

Some Impartial Advice Before Choosing A Wedding Planning Course

Our students often inform us that they select our courses because they cover the widest range of topics in the most detail. When choosing a course start by comparing contents and structure. Next, find out how up-to-date the course is. Some are 3 or more years out of date – that’s a long, long time in the fast moving wedding industry.

Then decide which format to opt for – class room or home study? Classroom based wedding planning courses are certainly beneficial for some students but it is a fact that home study courses cover a wider variety of topics in greater depth. They do after all, take longer to complete.

We also suggest you ask about the tutors: Are they full time tutors? If so, why have they stopped planning weddings? Our tutors are Full Coordination wedding planners – they tutor instead of work with partial coordination clients or work with OTD clients.

Finally, ask the provider whether the course was written for the American, Australian or the UK market. Most distance learning wedding planner courses were written for the American or Australian markets and imported here to be resold. They simply do not compare to courses written specifically for the UK market, despite what you might otherwise be told…


Version 9 Out Now!

Version 9 is the result of a 4 month review in which we have entirely updated, revised and enhanced our previous training program in order to bring you what we and our students believe are the most up-to-date, advanced and informative wedding planning training courses available today!

Student Wins Prestigious Awards

We’re pleased to announce that graduate Melanie at Cranberry Blue won Best Wedding Planner, London and also Best Wedding Planner, UK in the Wedding Industry Experts Awards. Naturally it comes as no surprise to us – she was an able student, a pleasure to teach and a delight to work with! Congratulations Melanie!

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