Behind the Lens – Martin Dabek

Behind the Lens – Martin Dabek

Behind the Lens today is Martin Dabek, an accomplished Bristol based wedding photographer who is widely regarded in the South West of England. Over to Martin...

"I was instantly hooked by wedding photography after photographing a friend's wedding in Mexico back in 2009. And since then I have been honoured to shoot more then 250 weddings throughout the UK as well as overseas".


"I love my role in documenting the uniquely special, yet brief and fleeting moments of a wedding: the interaction of the bride and groom, their bridal party and guests. I especially enjoy capturing the personal and candid instances, when nobody thinks I'm looking!"

When it comes to photographing the bride and groom I take my inspiration from the couple themselves. I focus on creating dramatic and artistic images that capture their relationship, their personalities, the way they are with one another and how their love shines through."




Member of South West Selective, Wedding Photojournalist Association and International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers.
Top 100 Wedding Photographers in the World, 2017 - Wedding Photographer Society
Top 30 Wedding Photographers in the UK - Fearless Photographers