Behind The Lens – Rob Clayton

Behind The Lens – Rob Clayton

Behind the Lens today we have Rob Clayton. Somewhat under the radar, he is a wedding photographer with an incredible eye for an image - check out his portfolio, link is below, it's well worth a butchers! Over to Rob...

"I hadn’t always wanted to be a wedding photographer. In fact, my original plan was to conquer the rather niche world of cage fighting photography - somewhat of a far cry to where I find myself today".

"But over time I began covering more and more functions until I truly found my groove covering weddings. And there are so many aspects that I love about it... I get to photograph couples on one of the most important days of their lives, with so many emotions and unique once-in-a-lifetime moments taking place. It truly is my privilege and honour to be trusted to photograph such days, which I don’t take lightly".



"And whilst I love capturing all the quieter and more intimate moments that happen between the couple, their family and friends, I haven’t completely forgotten my roots in sports and action photography - I absolutely love a thriving, bouncing dance floor, which is exactly what I was treated to at Darren and Natasha’s awesome wedding at Sandhole Oak Barn in Macclesfield".

"It was genuinely one of the best atmospheres I’ve ever witnessed, with so much action throughout the day and night to really keep me on my toes. Some of the dancing was just crazy, in the best possible way!"


"For most of the day, I like to think I’m practically invisible, going about capturing everything whilst hardly being seen or notice... it's the only way to capture the real, raw, natural emotions of the day. But the one time I will change this modus operandi is on the dance floor, as I believe the only way to truly pick up on and capture the atmosphere is to get in the thick of it myself. Fortunately, by then the music is blaring and there’s so much going on, that my presence feels like a tiny drop in a hilariously tumultuous sea of jumping groomsmen and spinning bridesmaids. And I wouldn’t have it any other way!"

Award winning Fearless Photographer
Also Viewbug Photography winner and previously a judge on the iShotThat Photography competition.