Behind The Lens – Steven Rooney

Behind The Lens – Steven Rooney

Steven is a highly talented photographer who lives in the North West of England with his wife Sally and their 3 children. He likes the simple things in life: spending time together, good food, good wine, walking, talking, travelling and making memories. He's been taking pictures for as long as he can remember. Over to Steven...

"I’m passionate about making people happy through my photography. I’ve loved weddings ever since I started shooting them 12 years ago because each and every wedding I shoot is unique. Not because of the flowers, the table decorations or the venues, but because of the people involved. The characters in a story that have yet to be written."


"I pride myself on creating modern and compelling images which are far removed from 'traditional' wedding photography. I work in a very informal manner with very little fuss, letting the wedding take it's own course and allowing moments to unfold naturally."

"Over the years I’ve come to realise that the images that are most important to people are those which can rekindle the intense feelings and emotions hey felt on Big Day. It’s my own experiences in life up to this point that make me release the shutter when I do. And why what’s important to you, will also be important to me."


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