Modern Wedding Poetry – First Marriage By Peter Meinke

Modern Wedding Poetry – First Marriage By Peter Meinke

There are few, if any, better occasions than a wedding in which poetry reading is more appropriate or befitting.


Indeed love poetry has a long historical association with weddings, dating back to Ancient Greece and beyond.

Over the coming months we will bring you a selection of the very best modern and contemporary wedding poetry, from some of the finest poets of recent times.

We open the series with The First Marriage by Peter Meinke.

The First Marriage
From Scars by Peter Meinke

imagine the very first marriage a girl
and boy trembling with some inchoate
need for ceremony a desire for witness:
inventing formality like a wheel or a hoe

in a lost language in a clearing too far from here
a prophet or a prophetess intoned to the lovers
who knelt with their hearts cresting
like the unnamed ocean thinking This is true

thinking they will never be alone again
though planets slip their tracks and fish
desert the sea repeating those magic sounds
meaning I do on this stone below
this tree before these friends yes in body
and word my darkdream my sunsong yes I do I do

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