Pantone’s Spring 2013 Fashion Colour Report

Unfortunately somewhat short for time today so instead of introducing a product, service or supplier I've had to fall back on some copy originally destined for the next edition of our wedding planner's course!
The use of colour is an essential and primary concern for each and every bride and groom. So who better to turn to for a forecast of next season's colour's that the world's leading authority on colour, Pantone.
A few weeks ago they released their report on their forecast for the top 10 colours in women's fashion for Spring 2013.

The prime colour in the group is the Monaco Blue.

Green shades are clearly the most common, appearing in the Emerald, Tender Shoots and Grayed Jade tones.
Red appears in a bright Poppy Red, whilst orange takes a somewhat salmon undertone and is characterised as Nectarine.

Pantone's Spring 2013 Fashion Report
Pantone's Spring 2013 Fashion Report