Save The Date Ideas, Wording, Cards & Advice

Save The Date Cards, Ideas & Advice

Sending out Save The Dates are a great way of formally asking your guests to keep your chosen wedding date free.

shave the date

 Did someone say shave the date?

They can be sent out once the wedding venue and a date have been confirmed so that guests have plenty of advanced warning about the Big Day. This is especially so if the wedding date happens to be during public holiday period such as Christmas, Easter, peak Summer or a bank holiday when guests may well be thinking about going away themselves or be invited to other events.

Letterpress Save The Date by Card Lab

Letterpress Save The Date by Card Lab

Save the Date by Bellafigura

Alternatively, if the wedding is overseas it is best to inform guests as early as possible so that they have plenty of time to save up as well as book flights and accommodation early in order to get the best possible prices.

Letterpress Save the Date via Notonthehighstreet

Traditionally, Save The Date Cards take the format of A5 or A6 sized cards containing only very basic but essential information about the wedding since you wont really want to give too much away early on! The card might read:

Please Save the Date
For the wedding of
Chris Hall and Josie Ward
Saturday 1st June 2022
Invitation to follow


Chris & Josie
Are getting married!
Saturday 1st June 2022
Please save the date
Formal invitation to follow


Please Save the Date
Chris and Josie are getting married!
Saturday 1st June 2022
Invitation to follow


Save the Date
We are getting married!
Saturday 1st June 2022
Invitation to follow
Chris & Josie
(if you want to include the wedding website)


Please Save the Date
Saturday 1st June 2022
To celebrate the wedding of
Chris & Josie
Invitation to follow
(if the venue is still tbc)

(TIP - to avoid any confusion later on write the names of invited guests on the card (in the top left corner), especially if there is a no child policy or you are not inviting +1's)

The style of the card should befit the style of the wedding. For example a formal wedding would require a formal Save the Date card with classic font and maybe even letterpress printing. It does after all set the tone of the event.

Save the Date Bookmark by Sesame Letterpress

Whereas an informal wedding is likely to be more relaxed with regard to the style, design and format of the Save the Date sent. It might be bright, bold, colourful or quirky.

Informal Save the Date card Goldfinch

Aside from the traditional Save The Date cards, nowadays there are a wide range of ways to spread the news of a forthcoming wedding - some you'll love and others you wont!

A personal verbal invitation, face to face or by phone or maybe even via video messaging certainly works well. Alternatively, you might consider a Save the Date in the form of a video clip, photograph or message posted on a social media site such as facebook or twitter.

Email is another route that many couples use to get their message across. It too works well, for example when the Save the Date takes the form of  creatively designed attached pdf file.

Or via text/SMS (not recommended, but it happens...)

For those of you looking for something "outside the box" there are countless other alternative ways of conveying the good news, some of which are rather ingenious, whilst others are anything but. Some of those that stand out for us include:

  • personalised fridge magnet
  • book mark
  • cd with mix
  • printed baloon
  • scratch cards
  • 3d hidden message with glasses
  • bespoke printed match boxes
  • beer mat/drinks coaster
  • usb

...all of which double as little mementos.

Save the Date Coaster by Sesame Letterpress
Save the Date Wooden Fridge Magnet
Save the Date Scratch Card via Etsy

save the date balloon
Save the Date Balloon