Seen The Dress But Don't Know Who Designed It?

Seen The Dress But Don't Know Who Designed It?

Having spent weeks visiting all the local bridal stores and searching what feels like the whole, entire internet, you have at last spotted the most incredible wedding dress on some random web page or social media website. The problem is, all you have is an image to go by. You have no idea of the name of the dress nor the name of the designer! It is a most frustrating position than an increasing number of brides are facing in this modern digital age.

So you’ll be relieved to hear that help is at hand thanks to our unique, International Wedding Dress Search & Identification Service. Just send us a pic of the dress or a link to the image and not only will we be able to identify the name of the dress and the name of the designer, but we can also tell you if it’s available to buy or hire and how much it is.

Furthermore, if it is available we can order it for you and have it shipped directly to you or to a store of your choosing. And if you then need help with the fittings and alterations we can even arrange all that too! What more could a bride-to-be ask for?!

To find out more about our exciting new Wedding Dress Search & Id service just give us a call or email us.Galia Lahav Spring 2019

Lead Image: Romona Keveza’s pearl 5-ply silk crepe gown with long illusion sleeves from her Spring 2019 Collection.