Winter Wedding Ideas

Wonderful Winter Wedding Ideas

Christmas happens to be one of our most favourite times of the year to get married! It is by it's very nature a very joyful period and couples choosing to get married at Christmas time can capitalise on the festive spirit of Christmas.


 White winter wedding

Christmas time conjures up a whole host of delightful images and ideas that lend themselves perfectly to weddings:

  • Ancient, festive traditions and customs
  • Feasting and banqueting on good food and drink
  • Beautiful festive decorations and ornaments utilising ornate colours such as reds, golds, silvers, chocolates, purples and greens
  • Fairy lights, candles and lanterns
  • Magical winter wonderland scenery covered by with a blanket of snow
  • Cosy and romantic roaring log fires
  • Warming mulled wine, hot cider and mince pies
  • Christmas trees, holly and mistletoe
  • Church music and carol singing
  • Ice sculptures

More than any other time of the year, Christmas is a time to spend with family and friends. It is also the party season - a time for celebrating with family and friends. And many people naturally go out of their way to ensure they make the most of this unique and very special time of year.

winter wedding wonderland

 Winter wedding wonderland!

In fact, since December has the two biggest dates for celebrating in the calendar - Christmas and New Year (obviously!) - it is also happened to be one of the most popular months for couples to get engaged!

traditional Christmas scene

 Traditional Christmas scene

There are also several major benefits for choosing a winter wedding as opposed to a spring or summer wedding. For instance, many venues slash their prices during the winter months. And both venues and suppliers are also more willing to negotiate during the off peak wedding season.


 Snowflake cupcakes by Victoria Made

Winter brides and grooms also tend to find that they have a wider range of venues and suppliers to choose from due to there being considerably fewer weddings taking place in the winter.


Baby blue winter wedding cake by Ron Ben Israel


Shaped winter wedding cake


Snowflake cake via Martha Stewart


White winter wedding cake via Brides Magazine


Teal winter wedding cake and cones via Martha Stewart


 Winter wedding cake via Wedlu

Couples choosing to get married between Christmas and New Year also find that a significantly lower percentage of guests will decline their invitation because of the holiday season and the fact that they will at home with their own families.


Kate Middleton in white angora bolero - perfect for a winter bride

Ostrich feather bolero

Ostrich Feather Bolero by BHLDN

Bridal Bolero via Martha Stewart

 Bridal Bolero via Martha Stewart

Following on from this point, since guests will already be planning time off over Christmas, couples can also take advantage of the typically unpopular midweek dates of Tuesdays-Thursdays. This serves the bride and groom with an even wider range of venues and suppliers to choose from, as well as cut venue and supplier costs yet further!


Winter wedding bridal boot by Nice Nice

White fur bridal boots from ShoeBuy

White fur bridal boots from ShoeBuy


 Fur bridal boots via Wedding Wire

One other benefit of choosing a winter wedding is the fact that bad weather is automatically taken for granted and planned for accordingly from the outset of the wedding planning process. There will also be fewer stresses and worries to concern the bride and groom. For instance that the drinks reception on the lawn might have to be cancelled at the last minute due to a shower and instead having to revert to a back up plan - a less attractive room at the venue or having the ceremony room being turned around for drinks whilst the guests wait in the lobby.

In fact, in all likelihood snow is might be a welcome feature and provide a beautiful and stunning rare white wedding!

And finally, a winter wedding is always followed by a winter honeymoon. This gives couples the choice of heading to the snowy peaks or the chance to get some enviable winter sun!