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Student Reviews

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“Great course! Very practical.” — Pauline

“I researched a lot of courses before choosing the Absolute Perfection course and I am thrilled I did! It is detailed, thorough and teaches you everything you need to start up a business in the wedding planning industry…” —

“…My tutor has been fantastic very approachable and helpful when I have asked questions and provides detailed feedback throughout so you can monitor your progress. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this course.” — Sarah

“I did a lot of research into the huge variety of Wedding Planning courses that available. I finally decided on Absolute Perfection as they have a great reputation, their qualification is recognised by UKAWP and the course goes into a lot of detail through a whole range of topics…”

“…Definitely provides the tools & confidence for starting up a Wedding Planning Business to be proud of!” — Jennifer

“Fantastic… Thoroughly enjoying the course” — Kirsty

“Loving the course! The depth and quality of the information is fantastic as is the quick response from my tutor. Can’t wait to get it completed and have my business up and running!” — Neysa

“Impressive course… covers every topic you could think of” — Sophie

“I researched many other Wedding Planning courses and this one was definitely the top one to go for.” — Lizzi

“Definitely worth choosing! I only started the course a month ago but I can already truly recommend it. All the modules are very interesting and providing lots of useful info.” — Magda

“Great course… I would definitely give this course a thumbs up. It’s very in depth and you have a designated tutor throughout the course” — Sarah

“This course is ideal for me as I have a full time job so it allows me to get through it when is ideal for me. I’m amazed at how much detail it goes into; everything you can think of has been covered…” — Anon

“…I find myself enjoying the exercises and looking forward to the next one. I feel this course is going to really benefit my life and it has definitely been one of my best decisions to join!” — Amy

“Absolutely brilliant! I had researched many courses and believed that ‘Absolute Perfection’ was the best choice. I was completely right. The course content is excellent, detailed and very well explained. It covers every aspect that you would expect to see and learn…” — Anon

“…My tutor Ed is great, if you have a query, it is answered quickly and efficiently. The feedback and advice from your assignments is detailed and informative and extremely helpful. Most of all I find the course fun and enjoyable. I genuinely believe that this is a fantastic course and can truly help you gain understanding and knowledge within the wedding planning industry” — Ri

“Thorough and interesting, brilliant course. I love the way the course is set out and the time for feedback to reach was great, not only was the feedback speedy but very thorough. I would strongly recommend this course.” — Charlea

“This course is very detailed with many topics.” — Sarah

“The course is absolutely perfect for me and covers everything and anything you need to know about wedding planning, managing and setting up your own business as a wedding planner. My tutor is Ed and his feedback is constructive and to the point. It’s challenging and really enjoyable, well worth the money. I would recommend this course to anyone going into wedding planning” — Maz

“This course has been amazing, there is no topic left unturned…” — Victoria

“I reviewed the topics of 4 or 5 other wedding planner courses and opted for this one for 2 reasons: it covered the widest range of topics by far & its run by an established wedding planning firm in London rather than an institution. As for the course itself, I believe its the most detailed wedding planning course available in the UK and maybe even further afield…” — Anon

“…Amazing course! It’s been an amazing 6 months and Ive loved every second of it! Special thanks to Ed his patience, understanding, feedback and guidance.” — Naomi

“It’s changed my life…” — Rebecca

“…I have learnt a tremendous amount about wedding planning thanks to this course and Im in a position I could have only dreamt about a little over 12 months ago when I was working in HR – I now have my very own business up and running and already 2 clients booked for 2012! Having spent 2 or 3 months researching wedding planner courses I kept on coming back to this one – for me it had the widest syllabus and offered exceptional value for money…” — Alex

“…There is a lot to learn but the decision to do this course has changed my life!!” — Chloe

“I am learning far more than I expected to, the course covers every last detail of planning a wedding. The tutor that marks my work is very helpful and always quick to return comments. I feel the course is excellent value for money.” — Louisa

“Absolute Perfection live up to their name!” — Amy

“The course is extremely comprehensive and covers every aspect of wedding planning one could possibly think of.” — Anon