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Brand New Fast Track First Class Level 4 Course Out 23/09/23!

You can now get full, unrestricted access our First Class Advanced training program AND save a whopping £350.00 in the process! This new Level 4 course includes a copy of the entire First Class Advanced course materials plus all the upgrades and benefits you would expect to receive. The difference is, the amount of coursework in the new course has been drastically reduced so it's much quicker to complete. Moreover, it's enabled us to slash tutorial fees and pass the savings onto you! 

Enrolment is now open for the new First Class Certification in Wedding Planning, Design & Management course. Please email for application form. Fees £699.99 via BACS, £723.79 via card. 6 Month Instalment Plan also available. 

AP are a leading wedding planning course provider in the UK, training students and brides-to-be in the art since 2007!

We pride ourselves on delivering what many in the industry consider the most extensive and up-to-date wedding planning training courses available, with our First Class courses covering practically every conceivable aspect of designing, planning and managing a client’s (or your own!) wedding from scratch. Not only do we teach you how to become successful wedding designers and planners but we also teach you how to set up and run your own wedding and special event business.

Although we focus on weddings, the training equips you with the knowledge, confidence and skills to plan a variety of special events such as children’s parties, birthdays, anniversaries, bar/bat mitzvahs and even conferences and corporate events because let’s face it, if you can plan an event as complex and intense as a wedding you can plan practically any other event imaginable!

Optional Upgrades and Extras

We have a selection of discounted upgrades and add-ons now available to Level 2 & 3 students who wish to access additional services and content that were previously only available to our Level 4 students. These add-ons are also available to external applicants.

Wedding & Events Business Plan Template - Level 2, 3 & 4 add-on; also for external applicants

Brand new for 2022! You can now get your hands on a copy of our 12 page, 3,500 word wedding & special events business plan template that is ready to submit to any UK bank or even a potential investor for approval. Simply insert / copy and paste your personal details and research you have already conducted as part of your coursework into the relevant sections and the job is done!

Most business plans take between 7-14 days to draw up and finalise. Our ready-to-go Wedding Planning Business Plan could take you as little as 2 hours to complete!  It outlines the nature of your business, reviews the modern wedding market and explains how you intend to turn a profit and succeed in this industry. Topics include:

Company Summary; Background Information; Company Aims & Objectives; Start-Up Assessment; Services & Fees; Market Need; Target Clients; Reasons Why A Client Might Hire A Planner; Market Analysis; Competition Assessment; USP’s; Financial Forecasts, Fees & Costs; Marketing Plan 

Introductory Price: £299.99 for students, £599.99 external applicants

6 or 9 Month's Graduate Mentoring - Level 2 & 3 add-on; also for external applicants

Level 2/3 students can now gain access to a Tutor or Mentor for 6-9 months after graduating, to help guide, advise and assist you on any wedding related matter, including setting up and running your own business. Includes 6 or 9 hours access time within 6 or 9 month time-frame, by phone or video messaging.

6 Month Price: £600.00 for students, £900.00 external applicants

9 Month Price: £900.00 for students, £1,200.00 external applicants

Wedding Planner's Client Contract with Terms & Conditions Level 2 add-on; also for external applicants

This is the business contractual agreement you will use when you sign and book a client. It will outline your services, fees and obligations to the client and makes clear your own booking terms and conditions. It also outlines the client's needs and requirements and their expectations from you.

Price: £350.00 for students, £499.99 external applicants

Extensive Database of First Class Venues, Services, Suppliers & Resources - Level 2 & 3 add-on; also for external applicants

Provides details of more than 10,000 UK wedding venues, plus our hand-picked selection of hundreds of first-class UK vendors, services and suppliers, plus all the best wedding resources for tracking down thousands more of the finest, most suitable suppliers for your clients.

Price: £199.99 for students, £499.99 external applicants

Version 12, Due Out February 2023.

Students enrolled at the time of launch of V12 will automatically get a free copy of the latest course! Past graduates can only apply for a version of the course you enrolled.

First-Class: £250.00
Advanced: £150.00
Short-Course: £75.00

To purchase an upgrade, please email Administration.