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AP are one of the longest established wedding planning course providers in the UK, training students and brides-to-be in the art since 2007!

We pride ourselves on delivering what many in the industry see as the most extensive wedding planning training courses available, with our First Class course covering just about every conceivable aspect of designing, planning and managing a client’s (or your own!) wedding from scratch. Not only do we teach you how to become successful wedding designers and planners but we also teach you how to set up and run your own wedding and special event business.

Although we focus on weddings, the training equips you with the knowledge, confidence and skills to plan a variety of special events such as children’s parties, birthdays, anniversaries, bar/bat mitzvahs and even conferences and corporate events because let’s face it, if you can plan an event as complex and intense as a wedding you can plan practically any other event imaginable!

We have a track record of producing first class wedding & special event planners, a selection of whom are featured below. If you wish to speak to any of them let us know and we will formally introduce you.

Melanie, Cranberry Blue – – multi-award-winning and one of the UK’s most recognisable planners!

Lisa, Carmela Weddings – & 

Mary, Mary Cushen Weddings – 

Rachel, Bijou Venues –

Kate, Jump The Broom -

Anna, The One -

Pauline, Clerkenwell Green –

Ciara, Mosimanns –

Steph, Monet Events –

Jen, Planned2Perfection –

Ben, Peyton and Byrne –

Petra, Bellus Events –

Yvonne, Ambience Venue Styling –

Kerry, Teokath London –

Nadine, Bovingdons –

Olga, Flower Station –

Nikki, Bermuda Bride –

Maria, Kensington Roof Gardens –

Katie, Upper Street Events – / Immediate Live

Candy, Rhubarb Events –

Kelly, National Trust Morden Hall –

Sylvia, Levy/Compass Group –

Elvira, Garden Museum –

Kelly, Sporting Ideas Events –

Emma, Grovesnor House Hotel –

Inma, Paris Berlin Weddings –

Victoria, Event Travel Mgmt –

Marketa, Wedding Design Cz –

Nicola, Lower Grenofen –

Emma, Doris Loves -

Hector, Boda Tip –

Nic, Helms Briscoe –

Kelly, Warren House –

Lynda, Hia Magazine –

Helena, Canizaro House –

Rianna, The Planner Suite - 

Pauline, Love Events -

Optional Upgrades and Extras