Behind The Lens – Rob Clayton

Behind the Lens today we have Rob Clayton. Somewhat under the radar, he is a wedding photographer with an incredible eye for an image – check out his portfolio, link is below, it’s well worth a butchers! Over to Rob

“I hadn’t always wanted to be a wedding photographer. In fact, my original plan was to conquer the rather niche world of cage fighting photography – somewhat of a far cry to where I find myself today”.

“But over time I began covering more and more functions until I truly found my groove covering weddings. And there are so many aspects that I love about it… I get to photograph couples on one of the most important days of their lives, with so many emotions and unique once-in-a-lifetime moments taking place. It truly is my privilege and honour to be trusted to photograph such days, which I don’t take lightly”.



“And whilst I love capturing all the quieter and more intimate moments that happen between the couple, their family and friends, I haven’t completely forgotten my roots in sports and action photography – I absolutely love a thriving, bouncing dance floor, which is exactly what I was treated to at Darren and Natasha’s awesome wedding at Sandhole Oak Barn in Macclesfield”.

“It was genuinely one of the best atmospheres I’ve ever witnessed, with so much action throughout the day and night to really keep me on my toes. Some of the dancing was just crazy, in the best possible way!”


“For most of the day, I like to think I’m practically invisible, going about capturing everything whilst hardly being seen or notice… it’s the only way to capture the real, raw, natural emotions of the day. But the one time I will change this modus operandi is on the dance floor, as I believe the only way to truly pick up on and capture the atmosphere is to get in the thick of it myself. Fortunately, by then the music is blaring and there’s so much going on, that my presence feels like a tiny drop in a hilariously tumultuous sea of jumping groomsmen and spinning bridesmaids. And I wouldn’t have it any other way!”

Award winning Fearless Photographer
Also Viewbug Photography winner and previously a judge on the iShotThat Photography competition.




Behind the Lens – Martin Dabek

Behind the Lens today is Martin Dabek, an accomplished Bristol based wedding photographer who is widely regarded in the South West of England. Over to Martin…

“I was instantly hooked by wedding photography after photographing a friend’s wedding in Mexico back in 2009. And since then I have been honoured to shoot more then 250 weddings throughout the UK as well as overseas”.


“I love my role in documenting the uniquely special, yet brief and fleeting moments of a wedding: the interaction of the bride and groom, their bridal party and guests. I especially enjoy capturing the personal and candid instances, when nobody thinks I’m looking!”

When it comes to photographing the bride and groom I take my inspiration from the couple themselves. I focus on creating dramatic and artistic images that capture their relationship, their personalities, the way they are with one another and how their love shines through.”


martin-dabek-3 martin-dabek-4

Member of South West Selective, Wedding Photojournalist Association and International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers.
Top 100 Wedding Photographers in the World, 2017 – Wedding Photographer Society
Top 30 Wedding Photographers in the UK – Fearless Photographers



Behind The Lens – Aaron Storry

Aaron is a highly sought-after wedding photojournalist operating out of Kettering in Northamptonshire. His approach is best summed up by a recent client who left the following review:

“His work speaks for itself. It is more than incredible. Professional but a friend, transparent but fearless, he led but let happen and he didn’t stop until we did. We cannot rate this man enough. He was worth every penny. You will not find a better wedding photographer.”

Over to Aaron


“I am always present and mindful of the beautiful moments of joy and emotion that happen throughout a wedding day. I don’t have expectations of how a wedding will unfold and will constantly work to capture the intricate moments of each wedding in all their wonderful glory.”

“Throughout the duration of any wedding it’s the momentary, subtle glimpses and interchanging interaction between people that I love to capture. I hunt them down and document them, not only for my couples but for those who have yet to be born!”

“Indeed since having children of my own, my outlook has change a little and I find that I’m increasingly drawn towards moments that I would adore as a parent… like the time Rhea was having her makeup done on the morning of her big day and her son sat on her lap cuddling her the entire time.”

“To be in that space at that time really felt like a wonderful privileged to witness, share and record for prosperity. It’s these honest, legitimate moments that will resinate most for my clients and the ones they’ll hold closest to their hearts.”


Top 10 UK Wedding Photographer, 2017 – Wedding Photography Select
Top 50 International Wedding Photographers, 2017 – ISPWP
Top 100 Wedding Photographers in the World, 2017 – Wedding Photographer Society
Winner, The Best Wedding Photographer in the World, 2016 – Fearless Photographers
Winner, The World’s Best Wedding Photographers, 2016 – Wedding Photography Select






Behind The Lens – Steven Rooney

Steven is a highly talented photographer who lives in the North West of England with his wife Sally and their 3 children. He likes the simple things in life: spending time together, good food, good wine, walking, talking, travelling and making memories. He’s been taking pictures for as long as he can remember. Over to Steven…

“I’m passionate about making people happy through my photography. I’ve loved weddings ever since I started shooting them 12 years ago because each and every wedding I shoot is unique. Not because of the flowers, the table decorations or the venues, but because of the people involved. The characters in a story that have yet to be written.”


“I pride myself on creating modern and compelling images which are far removed from ‘traditional’ wedding photography. I work in a very informal manner with very little fuss, letting the wedding take it’s own course and allowing moments to unfold naturally.”

“Over the years I’ve come to realise that the images that are most important to people are those which can rekindle the intense feelings and emotions hey felt on Big Day. It’s my own experiences in life up to this point that make me release the shutter when I do. And why what’s important to you, will also be important to me.”


Top 10 Photographer in the World 2016 – Fearless Photographers
Number 1 Photographer in the UK 2016 & 2017 – Fearless Photographers
Top 10 Wedding Photographer in the UK 2016 & 2017 – Wedding Photography Select
Top 5 Wedding Photojournalists in the UK 2017 – MyMemory
Top 10 Wedding Photographers in the World 2017 – Bride Guide
Top 20 Wedding Photographers in the World 2017 – Hongkiat
Top 150 International Wedding Photographers 2017 – SLR Hut





Will Fuller Photography

Based in Staffordshire but shooting all over the UK self-proclaimed photography geek Will Fuller has been photographing weddings for the past 7 years.

In that time he has managed to build up a portfolio of unique and inspirational images, a half-dozen of which you will find below, with plenty more on his website gallery. Wedding photography from £1,450.00.

Will: I capture the story of your wedding day in creative, relaxed and informal style. I have been photographing weddings for close to 7 years now, and have enjoyed every moment and the opportunities it has given me. I’ve photographed in sun, rain and snow. I’ve been to some incredible weddings in marquees, stately homes, castles, barns, churches, industrial estates, village halls, and everything in between. I also have a lot of experience photographing some incredible weddings in Iceland.

Cigars by Will Fuller
Waterfall by Will Fuller
Fireworks by Will Fuller
black cliffs
Black cliffs by Will Fuller
purple haze
Purple haze by Will Fuller
Confetti by Will Fuller
Graffiti by Will Fuller

Jiri Sipek Photography

Jiri Sipek is a photographer with an exceptional eye for detail and a highly creative approach to documentary styled wedding photography.

Bridal make up by Jiri Sipek
Bridal make up by Jiri Sipek

Residing in the Czech Republic, Jiri shoots weddings all over Europe. Comprehensive packages from only £1,700.00 including travel!! Check out his website:

Confetti by Jiri Sipek
Confetti by Jiri Sipek
Hill top chapel by Jiri Sipek
Hill top chapel by Jiri Sipek
Library ceremony by Jiri Sipek
Library ceremony by Jiri Sipek
Bride and groom silhouette by Jiri Sipek
Bride and groom silhouette by Jiri Sipek
Au natural by Jiri Sipek
Au natural by Jiri Sipek


Introducing Benjamin Brett

Introducing… Benjamin Brett

Over the coming weeks and months we will be showcasing a selection of talented, highly creative and exceptional wedding vendors, venues, services and suppliers.

First up… Benjamin Brett Wedding Photography – website:

Benjamin Brett

Benjamin is a multi-award winning wedding photojournalist based in Paris but covering weddings across Europe. Fees from only 2000 Euros, excluding travel and accommodation.

Benjamin Brett
Benjamin Brett
Benjamin Brett
Benjamin Brett