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Wedding Day Timeline – On The Day Schedule

Your search for a comprehensive and accurate On The Day Itinerary / Wedding Day Timeline is over! Our professional On The Day Schedule includes all the essential elements of a wedding day, from the moment you wake up! The itinerary includes:

  • The recommended arrival and departure times of all essential suppliers, personnel and items, including: Hair & Makeup artists; Photographers; Cinematographers; Florist; Wedding Cake; Ceremony & Reception Musicians; Bridal Transportation; Wedding Party & Guests Transportation; Entertainers; DJ & Band; Sound & Lighting & Childcare
  • All the major and minor aspects of a wedding day, as well as accurate, recommended timings for each, such as: Ceremony set up; Reception set up; Bride and Wedding Party dressing; Bride, Groom, Wedding Party & Guest arrival and departure; Ceremony start and finish; Photographs; Drinks Reception; Receiving Line; Seating of Guests; 3/4 Course Dinner; Speeches & Toasts; Cutting of the Cake; First & Second Dances; Bouquet Toss; Evening Buffet; Last Orders; Departure of Bride, Groom, Wedding Party & Guests

This specific timeline of events is for a church wedding ceremony commencing 2pm and is easy to adapt according to your own requirements.


For a FREE COPY of the schedule as an easy-to-modify EXCEL templateLIKE our Facebook page or SHARE the post. Then message us via FB quoting ‘Free OTD Timeline’. Enjoy!On The Day Schedule

130 Top Wedding Blogs

It’s a short but useful post this week.

Admittedly it originally started out as a list of the World’s Top 50 Wedding Blogs. However it soon spiralled out of control and grew to a list of 100 due to the fact that there are so many decent blogs out there. But as you can see, it didn’t stop there…

So, here for your convenience we bring you 130 of the best wedding blogs, in alphabetical order. Enjoy!

(ps, if you think we have missed a blog that should be included, do let us know)

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Aspirational Bride
Bayside Bride
Before the Big Day
Being The Bridesmaid
Belle The Magazine
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Bijou Bride WP
Boho Weddings
Brenda’s Wedding Blog
Bridal Musings
Brides Up North
Brooklyn Bride
Burnett’s Boards
Chic Vintage Brides
Classic Bride
Confetti Daydreams
Creative Brides
Curious Wedding
DIY Bride
Dotty Vintage Weddings
Elizabeth Anne Designs
Emmaline Bride
English Wedding
Every Last Detail
Fab You Bliss
Festival Bride
Floridian Weddings
Fly Away Bride
French Wedding Style
Glamour and Grace
Grace Ormonde
Green Wedding Shoes
Grey Likes Weddings
Heart Love Weddings
Hey Wedding Lady
How He Asked
Inside Weddings
Inspired By This
Intimate Weddings
Junebug Weddings
Juno & Joy
Kiss My Tulle
Knot & Pop WP
Le Magnifique
Love & Lavender
Love Me Love My Wedding
Love My Dress
Magnolia Rouge
Maharani Weddings
Marry Me Ink
Martha Stewart
Melissa Hearts Weddings
MOD Wedding
Monty Manatee
Mountainside Bride
Mr & Mrs Unique Wedding Blog
Mrs Plans & Presents
My Wedding
Offbeat Bride
Oh Lovely Day
OMG Im Getting Married
On The Go Bride
Once Wed
One Fab Day
Pocket Full of Dreams
Polka Dot Bride
Premier Bride
Pretty Pear Bride
Pretty Thrifty
Ready Or Knot
Rock My Wedding
Rock n Roll Bride
Rubies & Ribbon
Rustic Wedding Chic
Secret Wedding Blog
Simply Peachy
Smashing The Glass
Snippet and Ink
So Youre Getting Married
Something Turquoise
Southbound Bride
Storyboard Wedding
Style & The Bride
Style Me Pretty
Style Unveiled
Swooned Magazine
The Bridal Detective / Adorn
The Bride’s Café
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The Ebury Wedding
The Every Last Detail
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The Love Lust List
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Woodlands Bride


Independent Wedding Planner OR Wedding Venue Coordinator?

Congratulations! You’ve finally found the venue and discovered they have their very own wedding coordinator on-site! That’s great news isn’t it! A venue PLUS a planner at no extra charge! Ker-ching…

Unfortunately however, in-house venue coordinators and independent wedding planners are not the same. In fact they do very different jobs indeed, as far too many couples discover to their dismay a month or two into the planning process.

The confusion is compounded by the fact that many venues promote the services of a ‘free’ wedding planner as one reason for choosing their property in the first place. It is only natural therefore that couples assume they have no need of their own independent wedding planner to assist them.

The fundamental differences between the two roles stem from the fact that an in-house coordinator has the venue’s best interests at heart. This stands to reason since it is the venue that employs the coordinator.

However the independent wedding planner has no such attachment or allegiance. Instead, because their number one priority is the client, a wedding planner will always strive to ensure their clients get the best possible service from the venue and all their suppliers.

The notable differences between the two jobs are outlined in the table below. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!


The Difference Between A Wedding Planner
& A Venue Coordinator

An AP Wedding Planner

A Venue Coordinator

No.1 priority is the client. We have your back!No.1 priority is the venue (their employer!), whose interests they serve.
Provides independent, professional guidance and assistance on all wedding related mattersProvides partisan guidance on matters relating to the smooth running of the venue.
Resolves any wedding related problems, personal or professional.Will only assist with venue related matters.
Only works with a small number of other clients at any one time.They will be juggling dozens of clients at the same time.
Is easy to reach with swift, same-day responses to questions and queries. 24 hours is slow.Can be very difficult to contact. Average response times to questions between 24-48 hours, 72+ not uncommon.
Offers unlimited contact throughout the wedding planning process.Contact with clients is limited until a month or two before the wedding, when they start to think about payments due, logistics, tastings and final guest numbers.
Provides up-to-date, creative advice on a range of appropriate styles, designs, trends, themes and colour schemes.They will not provide any such advice.
Offers unrestricted access to all the best wedding services and suppliers in the countryOften restricts you to an extremely limited choice of recommended suppliers, many of whom who pay the venue to feature on the list!
Draws up a bespoke Wedding Planning Timeline, outlining precisely what to do and when to do it.Provides no such framework.
Coordinates with the venue and all suppliers to ensure .Provides no such framework.
Coordiantes with the venue and suppliers and draws up a bespoke On The Day Schedule.Provides no such support.
In attendance throughout the wedding day to ensure all runs to plan.In attendance on the day to ensure the venue’s interests are maintained.
Resolving any problems that might arise during the course of the day.They wont help resolve any issues that are not specifically related to the venue.
Will secure discounts and upgrades from a wide range of suppliers.You will often pay a premium for using a supplier recommended by the venue!
Acts as first point of contact for all suppliers.Not possible.
Organises your meetings with all suppliers.Not possible.
Provides professional advice on legal requirements, ettiquette, protocol, traditions and customs.Not possible.
Offers professional financial guidance on how to manage your wedding budget.Not possible.
Assists with guest accommodation, travel arrangements, RSVPs, including wedding website.Not possible.
Arranges all peripheral events such as rehearsals, pre-wedding welcome receptions, parties, usher’s lunch, post-wedding brunch.Not possible.
Organises Hen & Stag partiesNot possible.
Arranges Engagement party.Not possible.
Helps organise your Honeymoon.Not possible.
Every post needs an image or two to jazz it up! Introducing Zoe Clarke Cakes, London

Wedding Planning Faux Pas: 5 Mistakes That Are Easily Avoided

Having spent a mammoth amount of time, effort, and hard-earned cash on designing and planning your wedding you might think that you have managed to create the perfect wedding. However, all too often it’s the “the little things” you need to be aware of – the tiny unforeseen elements that have the power to embarrass or offend unintentionally!Here we list 5 common wedding planning faux pas.

It’s Impossible To Please Everyone…

No matter how hard you try, it's impossible to please everyone, especially at a wedding!As soon as you get engaged and start planning your wedding it is very easy to get caught up in the moment. After all, it is your Big Day so it simply has to be the most beautiful experience for all concerned.Unfortunately however, many couples are swiftly brought back down to earth when they discover that weddings, by their very nature, can be extremely stressful events to organise.This is largely due to the amount of time and effort it takes to plan a wedding in your spare time!

Save The Date Cards, Ideas, Wording & Advice

Sending out Save The Dates are a great way of formally asking your guests to keep your chosen wedding date free.They can be sent out once the wedding venue and a date have been confirmed so that guests have plenty of advanced warning about the Big Day. This is especially so if the wedding date happens to be during public holiday period such as Christmas, Easter, peak Summer or a bank holiday when guests may well be thinking about going away themselves or be invited to other events.Alternatively, if the wedding is overseas it is best to inform guests as early as possible so that they have plenty of time to save up as well as book flights and accommodation early in order to get the best possible prices.

Essential Wedding Planning Tips To Minimise Stress & Maximise Happiness

Have you recently got engaged and found that planning your own wedding is not as easy or as straight forward as you thought it would be? Well, help is at hand…

Wedding Planning Tips

Number One
It is your own unique and very special day so do what you want to do. And don’t get obsessed with trying to please others – wedding party members or guests.

Number Two
It is impossible to please everyone, no matter how much you might try. It’s a fact… accept it.

Number Three
Your wedding is a time for celebrating your love and the commitment you have made to each other. In essence it’s just a big a party with family and friends, plain and simple.

Number Four
Ignore, avoid or minimise contact with negative or unhappy people (you know who they are, or will do by the time the wedding comes around!!).

Number Five
Make the most of your engagement and your wedding day by hiring a Wedding Planner – let them deal with all the stress and worry! They are also likely to save you money on the venue and catering and get discounts on many other services. They will also get the most out of all your suppliers – the incentive of repeat business is a great motivator…

Number Six
Believe it when you hear that your wedding day will fly by in the blink of an eye and before you know it, all you will have are the memories (not to mention photos and film!). Make the most of every minute you have.

Number Seven
Following on, be prepared that things might not go precisely to plan on the Big Day. Don’t let what in hindsight might be a minor or insignificant hic-cup spoil your whole day.

Number Eight
Prioritise when planning… by all means focus on 3 or 4 elements of the day that are the most important to you (eg: venue, dress and catering). But then be as flexible as possible on the finer details of all the others. Try not to get caught up in all the little details.

Number Nine
Delegate….as much as possible!

Number Ten
Take your time when planning, ideally 12 months or more. Don’t rush, it will only add stress.

Number Eleven
Try to plan one thing at a time. Use our wedding planning checklist in an earlier post and tick them off as you go.

Number Twelve
Allocate 10-15 minutes of private time together on the wedding day, after the meal and before the first dance. It will help you to fully absorb the day’s proceedings and let it start to all sink in. Ideally over a glass or two of champagne and some chocolates, caviar or whatever takes your fancy.

Why Use A Wedding Planner?

Contrary to popular belief, wedding planners are not simply for the rich and famous. In fact there are a whole host of reasons why you should use a professional wedding planner when planning your wedding.

To Minimise Stress

the wedding planner
Pure and simply, planning your own wedding is an extremely tough job to do. It will be a roller coaster ride from the moment you say Yes! There will be highs and lows, together with unexpected twists and turns. You will also encounter moments of immense exhilaration followed by periods of overwhelming stress and worry. An engagement is a unique and very special time for every couple and it should be treated as such. And employing a professional wedding planner to design, plan and project manage your wedding is the best way to minimise stress.

Save You Money

Wedding planners can often attain substantial discounts for their clients from venues, services and suppliers. This can amount to several thousand pounds, thereby off-setting the wedding planners fee and ensuring you get your wedding planned for free!

Typically the largest saving a wedding planner can make is via an 8-12% discount on venue and catering costs. Significant discounts can also be secured on accommodation. All other services such as photographers and florists will also offer discounts or throw in complimentary extras too, just for a referral from a wedding planner!

Save You Time

You will often hear that it takes approximately 250 hours to plan an average scale wedding. At first this might sound like an exaggerated claim to scare couples. Naturally some weddings will take 50-100 hours. But we have worked on weddings that have required more than 400 hours! In truth, the 250 hour figure is pretty accurate, and more so for a bride without any knowledge or experience. In other words, with a 9 months engagement you will need to allocate 1 hour per day to planning your wedding. It is time than can and should be better spent.

It is a Job for Professionals

“Anyone can plan a wedding…” In much the same as anyone can cut hair; or build a wall; or cut down a large tree; or lay a driveway; or sell a house.

Without knowledge or experience, would you do any of these other tasks yourself? Obviously not. So why would you want to take on such an important task of planning your own wedding? Just because your sister/friend/mother/aunty did?

Moreover, aside from the daily administrative and organisational chores very few weddings are planned without encountering any problems whatsoever. And should something go wrong, do you really want to deal with it?

The following is an example of such an instance. A bride came to us desperate for some last minute help. Six months previously she had spent three full weekends sourcing, short-listing and meeting with photographers before finally finding the right one, or so she thought. Unfortunately, one month before her wedding the photographer emailed her to say he no longer wanted to do the wedding. In fact he thought it was going to be too demanding for him! He’d truly dropped her in it and left her with little time to find a decent replacement since all the others she had shortlisted were now booked.

Or how about the one about a disagreement over costs between a couple and the venue that escalated to the point where the groom threatened to sue and the venue threatened to cancel their booking with only three months to go!

Thankfully we managed to resolve both instances, although the latter took countless hours of mediation. Yet without the planner the two sides would have been in court and the wedding might not have taken place.

An engagement is a happy and joyful time that should not be spoilt by the stresses, trials and tribulations of planning your own wedding. If you want it done properly it’s a job for professionals.

It’s All About The Finer Details

The professional knowledge and creativity that an experienced and professional wedding planner brings to the table is often unsurpassed. And it’s their understanding of the importance of the finer details that make the difference between a good wedding and a truly great wedding.

Enhanced Venue, Service & Performance

When a wedding planner is involved in a wedding, you tend to find that venues and suppliers will perform to the best of their abilities, often going above and beyond what is expected of them. After all, with a wedding planner on board the venue and suppliers have a chance to impress in the hope of future referrals and repeat business through the planner. It is a great motivator!